"Mystical interference slamming through the dynamics of our day, showing us the way.
Soulful hints that glint and glide on the edge of our vision.
Interrupting our daily grind of normality.

Enclosed, encompassed and incubated, within the confines of our lives...
We wait for that sweet magic to lift us out of our forced servitude.
Ever aware, yet never really listening, to those simple yearnings that our soul is singing.
"Awake! Awake! Precious earth child!
Taste the breeze, smell the trees, dance the dance of the leaves!..."
We hear the tune amidst the chaos and noise, we pick up its melody within the clutter of our lives.
We acknowledge the song, we applaud it's bravery.
But within the chaos and shambles of the fight...
it's sound, that sweet blessed music, is defeated by the noise and clatter of modern life. a soft purr, it continues singing it's song... waiting for the slaves to unshackle themselves from their own prisons.
To sing that song and to perform the dance!
And so it continues, the lucid tones mixing and meshing with the sounds of the earth, reminding us always that magic and hope...
faith in its many forms of splendour, is sitting just beneath the surface, slightly hidden...